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Zei is one of the founders of The Sanctuary and an Administrator as of the end of the Amish Paradise: Elements map. Zei was originally known as Zei33 but is now also known as Zei11. Zei is one of Amish Paradise's most prominent members. (Outdated - Zei)


Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Twin Towers)Edit

This was the map that started it all, although Zei didn't understand how hardcore players should create a base, he got several tries to learn before the map reset.

Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Snow Map)Edit

Zei started his quest a couple of weeks before Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Snow Map) after watching Roob3rt 's youtube series, Minecraft Hardcore SMP. During the snow map, Zei became obsessed with Sky City which was shown in Roob3rt's youtube series. Zei requested that he join Skybike and Roob3rt multiple times, however, each time he was turned down. Once Naphemil and Lord_Fritz began their spawn killing, Zei became angry and realised that there was only one way he'd see Sky City (By now it was known as Sky Island) in person, it would be burning. During this time, Naphemil discovered Zei's base and raided it claiming that "He'd heard a nether portal while on the way to Marines base".

A tour of my base!

A tour of my base!

A tour of Zei's base awhile ago.

Roob3rt dropped a hint that Sky Island could be found in the ++ quadrant and it was well known that there was the largest ocean in Amish Paradise history in that quadrant. Sky City was known to be built over an ocean so Zei began to search vigorously. After 3 days of searching, non-stop, a terrible piece of news made its way to him, Sky City had fallen to 'Splorf and his friends'. After spending a day devastated that he'd been beaten to Sky City, he contacted Splorf through reddit and was given the coordinates to what had then been named "The Ruins of Sky City". The coordinates were X: +10000, Z: +10000. Zei couldn't believe it and skeptically went to explore the area.

During this time, Zei was still fairly new to the multiplayer style of playing Minecraft and never even thought to enchant his diamond gear, not realising that every other prominent player on the server had enchanted their gear to the best of their ability. During his raid on The Ruins of Sky City, he discovered one of the only chests left while stealing some glowstone from some walls, it was Skybikes hidden chest and it was filled with lots of enchanted armour, weapons and potions. Zei was absolutely astounded by this fact and formulated a plan to get all of the gear back to his base. He used the /sethome command and then took as much as he could carry back to the spawn usiing /spawn. He then used his alt which was sitting in his home to /spawn and take the gear his main was carrying back home. The process was repeated several times and Zei was able to study the grinder used by the citizens of Sky City during this time.

Once Zei made his way back to his home, he realised that something was wrong. Something was indeed wrong, there was a tunnel which lead into his base and several blocks were out of place but it didn't seem that the trespasser had stolen anything. He asked who it was in chat and JBHUTT09 successfully identified his base as "the base with the chickens". Zei felt extremely vulnerable that his coordinates may be known by JBHUTT09 but extremely lucky that he'd been left alone for now. After a week or so of building a grinder and mining for diamonds, Zei discovered something that absolutely blew his mind. It was a ridiculously enormous base, bigger than Sky City and topped off with a far more valuable grinder. Carefully he snuck inside the base and avoided Zomasaurus_3 who seemed to be AFK. After much exploring and considering on whether or not he should raid the base and get it over with, Zei decided to leave a message to the residents of the base. He left a signs which spoke of peace and the possibility of living together. After a day, he contacted JBHUTT09 who Zei thought owned the base due to some signs which suggested this. JBHUTT09 said that Zei was free to come and live with them after discussing it with the other residents and Zei eagerly went back to the base. Zei was given a tour of the base and then was left to build a room and use the grinder. This was the base that Zei inhabited until the end of the map, now known as The Caverns of the 1% or Splorf 's base.

Just before the map reset, Zei also helped clean up the destroyed forest around the Tree of Heaven before it was burned by Buzzcut.

Amish Paradise: ElementsEdit

The Beginning of EverythingEdit

Before the launch of elements, Zei rushed to regroup members of The Caverns of the 1% and ensure that most of the members joined the same element. It became clear that, without unity, Zei's enemies would run rampant throughout the region . The beginning of the elements map was extremely hard for Zei, after joining Earth Clan , he was killed by a hacker soon after gaining full diamond armour. Pabechan , the administrator whom handled the incident was only able to refun one token and 64 cooked steak in return for the many diamonds lost. As the first three days progressed, it seemed that most of Earth's players had been killed by a hacker and were now being hunted by both Fire and Air.

Zei was unable to regroup with members of The Caverns of the 1% at all and became desperate. He geared himself as best he could and managed to enchant a few of his items. Earth spawn was being watched by opposing factions and new players had very little chance of survival, it was obvious that somebody needed to change this so Zei worked hard to become stronger and collect information about the enemy. Somehow Zei was forced into a position on what was named "The Earth Council". The council was supposed to lead Earth to victory against the other elements. The largest problem with the council was certain members' unwillingness to attack but Zei was not afraid. He knew that, if enough damage was inflicted to Air spawn, the enemies may be less willing to attack knowing that there would be consequences to their actions.

Once Zei gained enough tools and enchants, he requested the aid of several other Earth council members and the citizens of Earth. While Vineman was reserved about the war that was about to be waged and did not participate but Cecell, on the other hand, was extremely eager. A small strike force was constructed and we attacked air. The attack was small, not large enough to worry them but the next day the attack known as "The Second Strike" began.

The Second StrikeEdit

It started with a direct attack on our main citadel, there was an uproar in the earthen community that we weren't even trying to fight back; however, a dedicated few plotted a counter attack. We prepared our armour, sharpened our swords and brewed many potions.

We were set to go, several figures had already arrived at the meeting place with the best armour around. The tension in the air was more than electric, much more. A powerful scout had already gone ahead, Nessling, the scout, was watching over the enemies movements and signled for us to move out. As we moved out, an enemy spy was among us and ran after us asking to come. I personally cut him down so that the enemy did not find out that we were coming. We began to move towards the enemy base, it was a long trek so we brought plenty of food with us.

We got half way to the enemies base when we got some blood curdling news. Lord Fritz, the enemies strongest warrior had killed Nessling. We were now determined to lay Fritz to rest. We ran on without hesitation and arrived in enemy territory. As we ran towards the enemies main stronghold, we got news, Lord Fritz had disappeared. An unfortunate turn of events but we continued towards the enemy base.

As we approached the enemy base, an electrical storm started, it was growing dark. "How appropriate." said one of the shadowy earthen warriors. We began our final approach when we heard something, it was the sound of a pickaxe hitting rock. We peeked down the mine and saw an air citizen was mining stone. I sprinted to the nearest cover down the mine and signalled for the capable team behind me to be quiet and wait up top. I quietly approached the enemy, and slit his neck, he never even knew I was there. On his body there were a few stone tools and a ladder but nothing terribly important. There was a name tag around the man's neck, it read Kyle Boucher. I quickly made my way out of the tunnel back to my team. We slowly and quietly made our way towards the enemy base and slew an air member with a name we might never know.

We looked for the waterfall that we could use to climb up to the enemies floating base but it'd been taken down since the last time I'd been there. This wasn't a good situation and the only way up was a ladder. At the top of the ladder we could see somebody peering down at us. I decided that I would go up and reactivate the waterfall so that my team could get up safely.

By the time I reached the top I got news from another team member. The person who had seen us had jumped off of the edge of the cloud into water and then had been hunted down by one of my team mates. They told me the enemies name had been Bonsie.

Uneventfully we all made it to the base and began working on damaging as many parts as possible, we started by throwing buckets of lava everywhere and then we took out many parts of the floor. The floating base looked horrible but we weren't done. An air member appeared and jumped off of the edge of the base into the safety of water and so did one of our members. The enemy was hunted down and killed, he fell trying to get away. We continued our tirade unopposed for awhile longer when a powerful air member who was later identified as the main potion supplier for the air army came out from further inside the base. He threw a potion at us but it was very weak and barely hurt anyone. Due to the rules of war, nobody was technically allowed to fight inside of the base but nothing was to stop a randomly thrown potion from doing damage. We went on unopposed by this member of the air and then things began to come to a close. 4 of us retreated back to our Sage Tree and 2 were left behind to look for hidden bases and steal any resources.

The four that had returned home, including myself went to the tavern and began to chat. "I wanted a kill under my name" said a member who had not been successful in getting the final blow on an enemy. "I wanted more blood" said another, "I wanted to keep my blood in my body" I replied to him.

After a few minutes we began to rebuild areas of our own base that had been attacked by air earlier. We got news, a massive hidden base had been discovered with over 30 diamonds inside and chests full of powerful potions. We rushed to grab our gear and began to make the trek back to the air base. On our way we received news that the potions master from before had returned to this base and been killed.

As we neared the border between earth and air territory, we found that the enemy had already secured the route into their territory. We cautiously waited for the heavily armed enemy to leave and then continued on our way to the coordinates that this large base had been found at. We finally got to the large base with very little opposition and lined our pockets with these powerful potions. We then returned home and waited for what we found to be a hilarious reaction from the air's ambassador. It was ironic that the ambassador had been spitting threats even though his job was to attain peace but we ignored him. They'd already broken the peace treaty by attacking our stronghold directly which means that they had also broken the rules of war. Don't kill enemies inside their bases, and don't destroy the bases. The rules say that you can destroy the outside but not directly attack the base. They broke the rules but weren't punished and this is why, we of earth have attacked you air. Deal with it.



Air base platform destroyed (Before lava)

Air Clan were extremely angered by this attack but completely crippled as their heavy supply of new players was cut off. Zei and his team were labelled "Terrorists " and pursued tirelessly. Due to this incident, the heat had been taken off of Earth Clan and put entirely on Zei and several other members of Earth. Earth began to rise due to Air's complete destruction .

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I'd been unable to get in touch with any of the members from the caverns of the 1%. I stood alone for now. On the brink of the massive tree we'd woken up in, I took my first step into this new world. Immediately I saw many dead bodies strewn across the elegant wilds of the Sage Tree. I worked quickly. I established a small base not far from the Sage Tree and began to work on stocking up. Not long after I'd found enough diamonds to make armour and tools, a well-known mass murderer passed the entrance to my base. I took up my blade and ran after him. I was surprised to see his armour made out of Iron and wondered how he'd managed to kill so many people. I ran towards him and started attacking him. For many blows he stood still and took my attacks; however, something strange happened. He turned around and I heard the smash of glass. Instantly I had died. I don't know how and I don't know why but something brought me back to life. I never heard from the man who killed me from then on though... (This is the story of my first death, to a cheater no less)

We'd all heard the stories, Air's forces were providing huge casualties for earth and they were gaining in numbers extremely quickly. We were at a disadvantage and very few of us had the gear to fight back. I decided, it was time to fight back. I called on Earth to help me but only shitcock's came to my aid. We tunnelled through the nether to their base and began our assault. We managed to kill 3 of the defenders and destroy their farms, we even managed to destroy their only way to the ground.

The next day we got terrible news. The air forces had tried to burn down the Sage Tree, luckily the Sage Tree is able to regenerate any damage done to it. We simply couldn't let this sit. An assassin I'd managed to become allies with was deep in the air organisation. He tried to assassinate the air leader at the time 'skybike'. He failed and came to my home to live. Encouraged by the first strike many more capable warriors joined us in the second strike in which air suffered many casualties and we damaged beyond repair. To this day Air was never able to recover it's power. Many new air players died from falling and the stronger ones became allies... or so we thought. An internal power struggle began in Earth and my nether wart farm had been found. I needed to move to a new base quickly but during moving, somebody exclaimed that they'd found a quad cave spider spawner. I was with Syranita at the time and we began discussing this spawner set. It got to a point where the person who'd found these spawner's actually trusted us enough to invite us to his base. The persons name was Arugall, an architect of sorts. Arugall offered me a home and I accepted gratefully, it was brilliant timing. I got straight to work on the grinder however, to this day I can't believe I let it happen, a creeper blew up one of the spawners. I don't know where he came from but he knew which area to target. It was unfortunate but it wasn't too bad. As the base prospered it became a city! I devised a Nightmare chess-based ranking system in which Arugall was King, I was Queen and others were pawns, knights, rooks or bishops. Each piece had potential for expansion to special pieces. The pawn for example, could become a Fusilier. We had many great times there but as per usual, good things must come to an end. I still wonder how the Elemental Sanctuary fell, who betrayed us, who cheated us, who made a mistake. What was the real cause? I've thought on it for many hours but, with the information collected, had to conclude that it was the owner of the impostor JBhutt account. However much I didn't want it to happen, it happened and the sanctuary fell. We managed to get out with all of the valuable items and split into 2 teams. Arugall lead the team of himself, Syranita and Elertai to the fire lands while I lead Nightslash and myself to a quint spawner which I had found near the beginning of the Sanctuary's life span. I set up a massive grinder there and with Nightslash's help, began to make it a home however. Only a few days after we'd moved in, we were xrayyed, not once but twice! Through careful examination on my admin character I was able to determine that we'd been xrayyed by two people who should not have known the coordinates. In actual fact, one of the people who had xrayyed us was somebody who had accompanied me during the second strike on air! A fake message from Arugall had been left on the wall, a calling card no less, it said something about betraying your friends and I felt that it was aimed at me. Secretly, I was extremely suspicious of Arugall and immediately began travelling to Arugall's base, the second sanctuary. I was furious at the time but I had been able to use the grinder enough to get some of the best items, maybe the best items in the entire server! A powerful bow, a powerful sword, a powerful set of armour, potions and many ender pearls. I was ready for combat if the Sanctuary members really had betrayed me. In the back of my mind I kept telling myself it was impossible but I was confused about who'd betrayed us. I showed up at the new Sanctuary and Syranita greeted me. I waited anxiously for Arugall to appear before me. He did and we managed to sort things out. I don't know who tried to frame him but they should die in a fire.

After some time, I decided to dedicate my time to building a new, better Air base. I killed griefers whenever they showed up and helped newbies. The only true challenging griefer I'd met in that time was Zortwil. He'd been part of air from the start but was now truly crazed. It took me many attempts but I eventually managed to catch him in the act and murder him with my cold diamond sword. This my friends, is my story.