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Watching spawn.

x4north is one of the four moderators of Amish Paradise.

x4north is mostly known for his generosity, and Trustworthy. However, when it comes to server rules, he is extremely strict. 

x4north continues to play on this server. Not because of the PVP. Not because of the Hardcore. But because of the friendly community Amishsmp has provided. Admittingly there are a few that aren't "friendly" but most of the time, x4north would say that Amishsmp is one of the friendliest, and greatest communities he is proud to be a part of.


Amish Paradise: Extreme EditionEdit

The Air Spawn

Last Timeout


Elemental Allegiance


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Affiliated Group

Amish Paradise Staff

After watching one of the youtuber Zekkyou 's livestreams, x4north discovered Amish Paradise and came to the server to find Zekkyou's base. He wanted fame, he wanted glory and by joining Zekkyou, he may have gotten both. He began his search during Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Snow Map) and died shortly after beginning.

X4north donated to revive himself and continued his quest. After 3 weeks, he was unable to find Zekkyou's elusive base and had given up to search for zekkyou then began to build on his own. He then met Mage_Bodvar whom he had no intension of killing and teamed up with to strengthen his foothold in the community.

Amish Paradise: ElementsEdit

Once the map reset and Amish Paradise: Elements had begun, Mage_Bodvar left and x4North simply continued to play alone. Notably, he was in air spawn during one of the Earth Clan raids and kept falling off the edge of the spawn and dying.A few days before the map reset,he had gotten a base but died in lava.Then he donated more,for tokens,and continued playing on the server.

Amish Paradise: ElysiumEdit

During Amish Paradise: Elysium x4north created 3 bases. His first was quite near spawn and was found by an unknown player. The second was found by Tronized and obliterated. The third base survived until the end of the map.Although x4north had given up trying to fight,he simply handed out supplies to players who needed them.

Amish Paradise: No EscapeEdit

After the next map reset, Amish Paradise: No Escape started and he realized that, by staying inside of spawn, he could avoid death but continue to watch over the community and so, to this day, x4north watches over spawn.During the middle of the maps usage,many people were teasing him and calling him names because he never left spawn,but they don't realize that he was trying to uphold the rules and doing his duty as moderator.When ever someone breaks the rules,he warns them when he could have banned but the player just tell him to F*ck off.

Amish Paradise: Anniversary EditionEdit

Amish Paradise: EventideEdit

This was a very interesting map, however, x4north had exams to finish and take to which he did not have time to play this map a lot, however he did live or hang around at spawn, still moderating the chat, and helping new players in anyway he can.

Amish Paradise: AuroraEdit

Amish Paradise: TEOTWAKIEdit

For this map, x4north had finally been admitted into the Sanctuary. They had created a community area, and x4north also helped with the upkeep and build of the farm.

Amish Paradise: Fallen DreamsEdit

For this map, x4north was able to completely join the Sanctuary, and successfully contributed to various things within the Sanctuary community with helping build things and gathering materials. From time to time, x4north had helped the new players by providing basic armour like iron, iron tools, and large amounts of food, hoping that they would live longer.

Amish Paradise: Amish IncarnateEdit

For this map, x4north had his homework and exams catching up to him, so he had to take a slight break from gaming, and concentrating on his education. Remember! Education comes first! This was the first map, Lubkin had produced and sent public to Amishsmp community! x4north would return from time to time, but disappears for quite a while. Due to being inactive for quite a while, x4north had lost his ranking as a moderator, unfortunately. The reasoning for such disappearing is because there was a sudden rise in Tekkit, Yogscast Mod Pack, and plain out right creative building, which astonished x4north and kept him busy.

Amish Paradise: Back to RootsEdit

On September 11th, x4north has great fully returned to Vanilla Minecraft and immediately back into Amishsmp. Though there are many things x4north needs to get updated on. For this map, x4north had teamed up with cswaff, who supplied x4north supplies to survive. Later we built a base together, the rest of this statement will be continued later on, AFTER the map.

More InformationEdit

x4north's title is "the Watcher" due to the above events.

x4north's saying:I don't kill. What x4north does:I trade,watch over the community,and uphold the rules of the server.

History, written by x4northEdit

History of x4north, by x4north: I found the server by watching one of zekkyou's stream.When I got on the server I thought of nothing eles but find zekkyou's base maybe team up with him...This was when the map was back the snow map.(the one with the ice spawn tower) and then I was killed by a spider...A few seconds later,I decided to donate,so that I can play and hunt once again..About 3 weeks later,I built a base.The next day after that,I found somone named Mage_Bodvar I had no intension of killing him,so we both decided to team up.Thus we became friends.Then the map got reset and then the map is called Elements He went off applying for The Voxel Box so...I just kept killing myself during that map...The map then gets reset once again...I then ran off to build 3 bases...the first got griefed..because it was near spawn.The second one was griefed by Tronized.The third one was safe.It was a few times before I just decided to make food,sugar cane,logs,and wooden planks to the players who need the materials.The map then gets reset. :/ All of the sudden I relized if I stayed at spawn;I won't get killed,starve,or get griefed.So then I just stay at spawn ,just to watch over spawn when no one is there to watch and to stay safe.