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The Current Library

The White Lotus Library was a project started by Alkarine in the Anniversary map. Wanting to expand upon the idea of written books, as well as aiming to encourage writing, and the sharing of said writing amongst players, the library was built as a depository of donated written books.

When a player wishes to donate a book, they simply hand it over to the librarian who stores it in the White Lotus Library. They can specify whether the book is public (so that anybody can withdraw it) or private (so that only a select few people can withdraw it). A list of the publicly available books is kept up to date on this page. If a player wishes to withdraw such a book, he or she should simply contact a librarian who will arrange the trade. When said player is done with the book, he or she should return it to the library, once again, through contacting a librarian. When players fail to return books, a few warnings will be given. If the books are still not returned, a bounty may be placed on the culprits head.

The library is also known to sell enchanted books.

The current map has no Whiute Lotus Library.