The Sanctuary was originally known as The Elemental Sanctuary. Originally, the base was created by Arugall.

The base is also classified as a city, founded by Arugall , Zei and Syranita , it became one of the largest cities in Amish Paradise history.


Amish Paradise: ElementsEdit

The sanctuary was built as a city where those who were either hated by their own element or sought peace in the midst of war could come to live. All elements were welcome although the majority of members were either part of Water or Earth.

Elemental Sanctuary

Elemental Sanctuary

The Elemental Sanctuary tour video made by Zei

Arugall originally built an impressive base in the Earth quadrant, after telling chat that he'd found what he thought was a 4 cave spider spawners within spawning range of eachother, he invited Zei and Syranita to check his base out. The leap of faith turned out to be worth it as Zei stayed behind to help turn the humble base into an all out city. After a week or two, Syranita and Elertai 's base was found by Cecell , who at the time was known as an extremely violent war mongerer who sought only to cause a war between the Earth and Water Clan. Zei warned the two as soon as the information that they'd been found became available and they carefully began to evacuate. Cecell claimed that he wouldn't attack them or their base, however, they felt unsafe.

Zei and Arugall both agreed that they should come to live in The Sanctuary. After some time spent as a lookout on top of a jungle tree, Zei spotted Syranita and Elertai and helped them enter The Sanctuary. These were to be the first members of The Sanctuary.

After the first few members, The Sanctuary gained popularity and many of the members of the old Caverns of the 1% group joined the Sanctuary including JBHUTT09 and Vineman. The Sanctuary peaked at over 25 members.

Over 5 grinders were created to help suffice the populations thirst for experience and powerful armour. The Sanctuary became extremely well-known among players at the time and the other powerful group at the time, Fritz & Crew, began to see The Sanctuary as a threat.

The war between elements began to cease and the war between groups started although neither side was truly willing to enter an all out war.

After some searching, Mr_Hippa discovered a massive nether tunnel network under the nether which he thought could possibly lead to Fritz & Crews base. Syranita, Zei, Zomasaurus_3 and Mr_Hippa made an expedition into the enemy base and stole as much as they could leaving the group tempoarily homeless.

Amish Paradise: ElysiumEdit

Amish Paradise: No EscapeEdit

Ranking SystemEdit

The ranking system was used at the peak of The Sanctuary's population. The ranking system was based off of fairy chess which allowed for upgrades of pieces for different reasons. Players who killed an enemy in PVP were either upgraded from Pawn to Knight or their piece was upgraded to a PVP piece. For example, a Queen who killed an enemy in PVP would be upgraded to an Amazon.

Some notable rankings are:

  • Arugall - King
  • Zei - Queen > Amazon
  • Syranita - Rook
  • Elertai - Bishop
  • Zomasaurus_3 - Knight
  • Zomasaurus_Rex - Knight
  • Vineman - Rook > Chancellor