With the approach of the new map reset, several active members from the community took it upon themselves to work together and construct a community build. This community build resulted in the Elemental Castle. The idea originated from Yarl77, who also helped construct the mob grinder moat, yet sadly died several times in its attempted creation. The purpose of the castle was to host a place where new comers would be able to live until they permanently settled elsewhere, in which case a carrot farm was built at the entrance of the castle.

Members and their contributions to the castle:

  • Yarl77: castle development, mob grinder.
  • Bri_Elaine: water fountains, gazebo,
  • kayshev/WandaPower360: castle walls, balcony
  • MagnaOpera: Arch, Tower, castle development
  • James: Underground Area, castle development
  • cswaff: castle's south side design (Arches), castle development
  • Dakota712: castle development

If your name is not here and you contributed to the Elemental Castle feel free to insert it above as well as edit your pre-existing work description if it is invalid.