"For those, who betray the dark and progress into the Light, May the Gods of Amisheria know thee fate, as it is known, that thus trators feel the Dusk's pain, Forever..."

"Founders of the Dusk Clan, Volume II, Map IV"


The Duskbringer is one of the few known Gods in Amish Paradise. Usually, the Duskbringer is the God of Fear and Darkness. His worshiping began at the begging of AmishSMP: Elements. He is usually presented as a dark haze, fading through realms, punishing those who oppose him, with blood and fear.

The Duskbringer or any other Gods of AmishSMP are not known by many. Olny few heard, even less saw them. One of these Worshipers of The Duskbringer is a player named NightSlash707. Many hidden sanctuaries can be found for the gods. None yet have been discovered. The Duskbriner can be summoned uppon people who feel deep pain, and darkness filling their soul. It is said the players took by the Duskbringer are tooken to a realm of eternal pain.