On December 14th, 2011, several members of the 4chan photo board /v/ decided to raid Amish Paradise. The ensuing troll resulted in 20 player deaths, several bans, and lead to the creation of two of Timeout's most important features:

  1. A Newbie protection feature that judged your distance to other players rather than expiring after an arbritary time limit.
  2. A complete replacement of the WorldGuard plugin that allowed for PvP combat within otherwise PvP free zones so long as the combat originated outside of the zone. This feature became known as the PvP flag.

The war culminated until 11:10pm CST when ScreamingAmish, in a fit of rage, said "Sounds like everyone needs a fucking timeout. Server down in 30 seconds. If you wanna save your shit" And voluntarily shut down the server for the first time in Amish Paradise history.