ScreamingAmish accounced that he was shutting down the server on Reddit, in a post dated September 18th, 2013. The post is copied below:

Well folks, it's been an incredible journey, but I'm afraid we've reached the end of Amish Paradise. It's not what I would have wished, but the honest truth is that we have not broken even on server bills in a very long time, and I just don't see that improving.

We've discussed making some changes, perhaps a return to Elements, or adding factions, or reducing deathban, or having more admins, or more events. While all of these may be interesting ideas, not a single one of them will reverse the trend and get us back on our feet again.

Minecraft, as a community, has changed. When I opened shop in October of 2011, HardcoreSMP had been open for a few weeks, and the concept of having an online Hardcore server was fresh and new. People flocked to the server, and others like us. Sadly, instead of staying on the cutting edge, we tried to stick it out with what brought our initial success, which I believe has ultimately been our undoing.

That is my fault, and I'm sorry. But I have to wonder, if we had stayed on the cutting edge, how many of you would be left? The Minecraft community as a whole is younger, and their priorities are vastly different. I think that a successful Amish Paradise would be so different that many of you would be playing somewhere else.

I am incredibly proud, as you all should be. We've built a wonderful extended family together. We've shared so many amazing memories over the years. Your experiences together will be with you for the rest of your life. I hope one day you all look back on this period of your lives, remember, and smile. I know I will.

Amish Paradise will remain online until our subscription runs out, which I believe will be on or about the 25th of September. Anyone who has donated in the last week will be refunded. I can not in good conscious keep those donations.

Afterward, when the ashes of Amish Paradise have gone cold, you may yet see me romping around somewhere else in the community. I hope, if that day comes, that when I die you will honor the server with a heartfelt...