Ravine City was founded during Amish Paradise: Anniversary Edition by Zatorg, Yogurtas and Ossbourne. In Anniversary Edition it was known for its rapid growth and subsequant destruction by one of its newcomers Kalo0305.


Shortly upon joining the server yogurtas accidentally revealed his coordinates and decided to abandon his original base. Zatorg generously offered his base as a shelter. Upon arriving yogurtas decided to expand on Zatorg's base and, thus, the location of the future city was marked.

Bored with their base, yogurtas decided to nuke an entire biome with TNT. He mined around a thousand diamonds hoping he could use it to purchase enough TNT. After several days though, he only managed to collect a few stacks and was ready to abandond the project. But then he managed to strike a deal with Ossbourne, exchanging 4 stacks of diamonds for 9 stacks of TNT + some potions. Ossbourne, however, required some time to produce such a large ammount of TNT and thus, yogurtas was required to place of deposit on this order - these trade relations established mutual trust between the two founders.

Living quarters

Living quarters of Ravine City

After the trade was done, yogurtas invited Ossbourne to help expand his base vaguelly implying the possibility of a city. Ossbourne, being a natural trader, decided to set up a trading station in the base, however, as he was carving out the space for it, large ravine was found. After a few days he talked with yogurta's about the possibility of building the city entirely in the ravine - yogurtas accepted immediatelly. Ossbourne built the living quarters (which set the tone for the rerst of the city) and yogurtas connected it with the original base.

Though the site was originally Zatorg's base, he was mostly absent in the early stages of the city.

City StructureEdit

Ravine City relies upon a simple yet effective structure to ensure city prosperity. The city is run by Heads of Public Office, with each Head being responsible for a different part of city life. 

Current appointments include:

  •  Administrator
  • City Planner
  • City Planner 2ic
  • Head of security 
  • Head of Mining