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NightSlash707 with his Armour on.

Oh hail, Oh hail, Thee Duskbringer comes. The soilders beat on their big and wide drums. As our Brethen and Sister give away their lives, Our blade into the chest of our enemy dives. Oh hail, Oh hail, Thee Duskbringer comes. =====

-Fragment of "The Duskbringer"Edit

NightSlash707 is a male player on Amish Paradise. He is usually a jovial person. He was first seen on the server around, January 2012. He is an active member in the community. NightSlash's real name is Matthew.


NightSlash707 was notably involved in the building of the Great Vineman Island. Night helped Vineman, Cannonfiddle and Bermudacake build an Island near the end of Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Snow Map). Since then NightSlash, Vineman and Cannonfiddle have teamed up in future events, Like Amish Paradise: Elements.

Amish Paradise: Elements

Nightslash707 was one of the first Earth Clan members. Rivaling air, Night participated in some Earth/Air wars . At this time Night, Vineman and Cannonfiddle made a base far away from the Sagetree and formed a group called "Elemental Assasins". Sadly, the group never saw daylight, and was rejected after a few days. After another Air raid, Nightslash707 moved in with Zei and Arugall. As time passed NightSlash707 became one of the main members of a group named "The Sanctuary ". Sadly during Elements, the base fell to ruin and The Sanctuary disbanded for a short time, making Night base with the future admin, Zei.

Amish Paradise: Elysium

The Sanctuary regrouped again. NightSlash707 during this time participated in many Arena battles, and honed his Player versus Player skills. During this time all was peaceful with Zei becoming the primarily online administrator .

Amish Paradise: No Escape

During this time, once again, Nightslash707 regrouped with The Sanctuary, and made a base in The End. This timeline hasn't finished yet, only time will tell what will be written next. To this day NightSlash707 still inhabits Amish Paradise.