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JBHUTT09 is a moderator of Amish Paradise and one of the most important members in Amish Paradise history. He is arguably the oldest player that is still active and was one of the founders of The Caverns of the 1% .


JBHUTT09 has been a regular on Amish SMP since November, 2011. Survivng and thriving on five different maps, JBHUTT09 has made himself a well known player within the Amish SMP community.

Splorf's and JBHUTT09's Minecraft Base in Amish Paradise HCSMP

Splorf's and JBHUTT09's Minecraft Base in Amish Paradise HCSMP.

JBHUTT09's walkthrough of The Caverns of the 1%.

Amish Paradise: Extreme EditionEdit

Amish SMP Extreme Edition was the map on which JBUTT09 truly made his name and reputation. It was this map during which his bitter rivalry with LordFritz and Naphemil, as well as his reputation as a 'good guy' began.

At the start of the map he rendezvoused with his past allies BlessedHeretic, Qonyin, beef6779, and pabechan. The team was quickly divided by the Vontsira incidents as well as pabechan's rise to Administrator. JBHUTT09 left the failing group and began to survive alone. After ten days or so, JBHUTT09 was surprised to discover he had a neighbor: splorf. They had known of eachother from the previous map and became quick friends.

When JBHUTT09's base was raided and griefed by the xrayer bugsybugsy, splorf offered JBHUTT09 a place in his home. It was with this that JBHUTT09 co-founded the first major multiplayer base on Amish SMP. The legendary base known as The Caverns of the 1% quickly made JBHUTT09 a name known server-wide.

As the Caverns fiercely battled Sky City in chat and occasionally in pvp tensions on the server escalated out of control resulting in the first incidents of out of game harassment against JBHUTT09. However they were quickly dealt with.

As the map came to a close and the threats to him decreased, JBHUTT09 took to building random structures around the map. Most notable are the Tree of the Heavens and Edge Falls. Eventually JBHUTT09 ended up spending the last two weeks of the map exploring in creative mode.

Amish Paradise: ElementsEdit

In Amish Paradise: Elements JBHUTT09 was briefly the leader of the Fire. After constant attacks on the clan by the members of the Air (who were after him), he reluctantly withdrew in order to spare the Fire Clan from complete destruction. A week after becoming Ronin, he joined the Water. Shortly after, JBHUTT09 became a member of The Sanctuary . However, this would be short lived. A mere fifteen minutes after entering the The Sanctuary the order to evacuate was given. The Sanctuary had been betrayed. JBHUTT09 retreated to the far corner of the Earth quadrant and began a small base which would remain home to him and BermudaCake for the remainder of the map.

Amish Paradise: No EscapeEdit