Elemental Allegiance


Major Builds

Temple of Melon, Altar of Melon, Twin Wheat Towers, Vineman Island


God of Melon


Melon Peddler


Farmer, Negotiater, Trader

Affiliated Group

The Sanctuary, The Caverns of the 1%, Vineman Island, Hippa Village, Sky City

Cannonfiddle - the god of MelonEdit

Cannonfiddle is the god of Melon and has been playing since Amish Paradise Extreme Edition (Snow Map). Cannonfiddle is most known as a player that does not do pvp and instead spents the majority of its time farming and building auto-farms. Its first base was located only 1000 blocks away from spawn right below the surface with a modest wheat-farm. During mining Cannonfiddle stumbled upon another player who was exploring the mines between one of the first bases of skybike and the base of Cannonfiddle. During this short exchange both players stood still for a moment and gave eachother peace-offerings mostly consisting of beef and melons. Thus the god of Melon was born.
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Temple of Melon
  • Cannonfiddle
Cannonfiddle used the melons to build a large melon-farm which he gave to new players around spawn to spread the word of Melon. This behaviour did not go unnoticed as Skybike recruited the god of Melon to come build farms at Skycity . In Skycity Cannonfiddle quickly built wheat-farms, mushroom-farms, a tree-farm and then the first temple of Melon. The Temple of Melon was a large pre 1.1 auto-farm, but Cannonfiddle was not satisfied. In the 1.1 update melons could now also grow on untilled land allowing easier farming. This extension was known as the Altar of Melon.

2012-03-17 11.52.47

SkyCity after the raid

During the destruction of Skycity by Splorf and JBHUTT09 , both the temple and altar of Melon were destroyed. However, Cannonfiddle was not a target during the raid and was instead offered to come live

2012-03-17 12.05.11

Hippa Village

At Hippa Village. Here Cannonfiddle built another smaller version of the temple of Melon which held the first design of Cannonfiddle's signature wheat-tower. JBHUTT09 approached Cannonfiddle to come build a wheat-tower at the Cavern of the 1% which Cannonfiddle did. Upon seeing the base, Cannonfiddle decided to stay and worked on several projects.

  • Vineman Island
  • Vineman Underwater Railway
  • Vineman Bar
  • Vineman Island
At the end of the map, Cannonfiddle traveled with Vineman and NightSlash707 to build Vineman Island. On the island, Cannonfiddle built a windmill with wheat farm, a small castle, a bar that functioned as a brewing room and an underwater subway system.