Earth spawn during Amish Paradise: Elements

Amish Paradise is one of the most popular Hardcore Minecraft servers around. The server has a philosophy of keeping the game as vanilla and fair for players as possible.

The server first went online on the 23rd of October, 2011... The original owner of the server was ScreamingAmish. He wrote his own Bukkit plugin called TimeOut which formed the basis of the Hardcore system employeed by the server. He operated the server until September 2013.

The current owner and operator of the server is Lubkin.

Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Underground)Edit

2011-10-23 00.56.49

This screenshot of the first map was used in promotional material for the server.

This map featured a small underground spawn, a public garden, a boat launch, a graveyard, an observation deck, and a lot of crazy terrain.

Players slowly trickled in over the first few weeks, and most died within an hour. Three players persisted above the others: Splorf, Dragontao , and SuparJerk. ScreamingAmish would later refer to these players as "The Original Survivors".

Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Twin Tower)Edit

2011-11-18 20.30.01

Spawn in the Twin Towers

The Twin Tower map was the second map in Amish Paradise's history and went live in early November 2011.

It was the location of the infamous /v/ invasion and was the map where Amish Paradise started to gain some popularity. New players were greeted by a redstone rendition of Brahm's Lullaby.

This map came to an abrupt end when the server ran our of disk space, which caused the map files to corrupt.

Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition (Snow Map)Edit


Inside the Snow Map Spawn.

Amish Paradise: Extreme Edition's third map is known as the Snow Map because of the position of the spawn. Spawn was in the middle of a large snow biome and was itself a large ice tower.

Many great groups began to take shape in this map including Sky City , The Caverns of the 1%, Central United Northern Territories and the Official AmishSMP Kanye West Fan Club.

Amish Paradise: ElementsEdit

Elements was a huge departure from other Amish Paradise maps as it introduced 4 clans, Earth , Water , Fire and Air . A couple of weeks after Elements launched, the ability to become clanless was introduced. This feature was named Ronin, which is Japanese for masterless samurai.

Elements is known as one of the bloodiest and most violent maps with several wars between the clans.

Two main groups were created during this map, The Elemental Sanctuary (Later known as The Sanctuary) and (We need a better name for this) Fritz & Crew.

Amish Paradise: ElysiumEdit

While wildly popular with some players, Amish Paradise saw for the first time a decrease in players and donations. Many of these players didn't like the headaches that Elements created and asked for the server to go back to a vanilla hardcore style of gameplay.

Amish Paradise: No EscapeEdit

No Escape resulted in the return of several of the more prolific players. Also included in this map was the continued battle between Fritz and co. versus the Sanctuary.

1st Annual Amish Paradise Elimination ChallengeEdit

In a bid to do something special for the server's one year anniversary, ScreamingAmish decided to create a one week long map. The map featured a very small map ( 1000 x 1000 ), and perma-ban for the map upon death. It would be Amish's first attempt at an ultra-hardcore environment.

The challenge was won by LordFritz.

Amish Paradise: Anniversary EditionEdit

With a return of the Snow Map spawn tower, the amount of death by fallings sky-rocketed from the the previous map. Anniversary Edition is noted for a number of the more prolific past players not being around, however, this was made up for by a large influx of new players. Notable events include player Orangethelord killing newbs his rage-quitting when he was defeated, the foundation of Ravine City and its subsequent griefing (a suspected inside job), as well as the continuation of the Sanctuary (now known as the Fallen Sanctuary).

After Mojang updated Minecraft to version 1.4.6, the server lost popularity as it waited for the Bukkit updates to keep up to date with the game. 

Amish Paradise: EventideEdit

This map was made by the one and only, Zei. This map had 3 different spawns. Neutral,Evil,and Good. Neutral spawn was created by Zei, Evil Spawn was created by JBHUTT09, and Good Spawn was created by Arugall. This map really depended on the reputation system, which the server had for a long time. The Fallen Sanctuary had a tunnel system in the Nether, which was hidden under lava. The tunnel system was a tunnel leading from Evil Spawn,to Neutral Spawn,to Good Spawn. During this map, Arugall (an admin) had started to make a Parkour map. The parkour was carried on untill the very end of ScreamingAmish

Amish Paradise: AuroraEdit

This map was created by DragonTao. This map was a great looking map, the spawn had contained a secret lair in which needed 2 players and in the dungeon, was a treasure. Which was updated nearly every week. Many Wither battles were fought at spawn. During this map, many players wanted to play at the Parkour arena because it had contained treasure at the end. Noone has ever finished it.

Amish Paradise: TEOTWAKIEdit

For the last few maps, ScreamingAmish has been assigning an admin for a certain map reset. Due to fallout surrounding an incident between the community and the admins, ScreamingAmish decided to retake the commanding seat on the server, and came up with this map. TEOTWAKI stands for "The End of The World as We Know It". This map had an ulta-hard core type server and it went live on Sunday, June 23rd 2013. The special rules of this map were explained in a Reddit post:

  • Map size is 700 x 700
  • No Nether, No End
  • No enchants
  • No health regeneration except in a designated area inside spawn
  • Secret food will give 1 health regen
  • No starting equipment
  • No /give command
  • No Rep
  • Newbie protection is only a radius of 20 blocks. So really, there isn't any.
  • Deathban will be 1 Day
  • Protected spawn is 40x40

The Sanctuary had made a "Community Farm" in which new players could base in and help one another, because the map was "Ultra- Hard Core" and the map was very small, in size. Some players had been temporarily banned for blocking the exits of the spawn, not letting the new players leave. The "Community Farm" had been griefed twice. The first time, the place was rebuilt. The second time, was near the end, in which no one bothered to fix. 

Amish Paradise: Fallen DreamsEdit

  • The corner of the spawn for Amish Paradise: Fallen Dreams
  • An overhead photo of the PvP Arena in Amish Paradise: Fallen Dreams
  • The Spleef Arena in Amish Paradise: Fallen Dreams
  • A shot of the spawn's courtyard in Amish Paradise: Fallen Dreams
  • The teleportation spire was the link between the spawn world and the main world in Amish Paradise: Fallen Dreams.

This was the last map ScreamingAmish produced. It opened on July 12th, 2013.

This map had a "Spleefing" arena and a PVP Arena. Both of which, you had to be a donor to play. It also included a Jousting Arena and Arugall's Parkour arena, both of which were free to all. This map also had a portal that is needed to go into the real world. 

While initially popular, server population decreased after the first month or so. This was partially due to an unfixed bug teleporting into the Nether. ScreamingAmish believed it was mostly due to shifts in the MInecraft playerbase who were no longer interested in a vanilla hardcore server. He announced the close of Amish Paradise with a Reddit post entitled "Sunset". The server shut down on September 25th, 2013.

Amish Paradise: Amish IncarnateEdit


The spawn for Amish Paradise: Amish Incarnate

This is a new server, owned by Lubkin. Lubkin has taken control of the server! She has recruited a new staff, found more and  mods, changed the commands, and etcetera. This map is currently in progress. More players have started to play, but they continously die in an instant. New Staff: Admins: Lubkin, Alkarine, DragonTao, Arugall, and s74rshaped. Mods: Cecell, Randerson2011, NighSlash707, x4north, and Timonscholte.

Amish Paradise: Elements: ResurrectedEdit

OqWuRDO - Imgur

Fire Spawn in Amish Paradise: Elements: Resurrected

Lubkin recreated the clan-like structure of Elements for this map. It opened on Friday, March 14th 2014.

Amish Paradise: Over the Void Edit

Amish Country Edit

This map opened on April 15th, 2016 and saw the return of ScreamingAmish at the helm of the admin team. Along with Arugall and Lubkin, this map found a name change as well as a change in the focus of gameplay. Instead of having Deathban, this map uses the Factions and MCMMO plugins.